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Personal Power Through Public Speaking
Mike Moore


By Mike Moore

I believe that the ability to stand up and speak in public can literally change your life. Why do I believe this? Because it has changed mine. Here is what public speaking can do for you personally and professionally.

1. It builds confidence. When you experience the thrill of holding an audience in the palm of your hand and receive their appreciative applause your confidence soars.

2. Public speaking boosts your self esteem. When you see the audience relate to you as someone who really knows what you are talking about your self esteem increases. And we all can use an increase in self esteem.

3. People start looking at you in a more positive way. Even if you never use your public speaking skills in giving formal presentations, people will notice that you are more articulate and confident in expressing an opinion or sharing an insight. You will discover that they begin looking to you for advice and opinions on many issues.

4. It helps you become a more organized thinker. Planning, writing and delivering a well researched , well organized presentation has an overflow effect in other areas of your life. You begin to plan and organize your thoughts more effectively. This is especially helpful in your career or business. When your manager or supervisor asks your opinion on some work- related issue you are better able to express your ideas in a clear, concise and well organized manner.

5. Public speaking begins to alter your self perception. As you begin to use the skills involved in public speaking you will notice that you begin to start talking to yourself in a more positive way. You begin to see yourself as capable and confident.

6. By accepting the challenge to speak in public you begin to explore and actualize your own potential. Many of us go through life not realizing how much we are capable of achieving. Public speaking is an effective tool in the process of self discovery.

7. Public speaking gives you the courage to break out of your comfort zone. I believe that the comfort zone is the enemy of human growth. When we are too comfortable where we are we tend to become stagnant. Speaking in public pushes us out of the comfort zone and reveals to

us our enormous capabilities.

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